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Train journey jogging
 and bumping
flashing cut-off scenes from
  a cornerís eye
Stomach elevating up and down
 swirl of cigarette smoke
trapped by the draught
of the half-open window
 the slowing down train station
 and sounds of rushing water
    Bishopís Stortford for
 Swanstead Airport,
Adverts for the red Audio 80
Or the McMullen beer
      The slow change, a length of
      clip clop
 of steel horses steel hooves
on rails
      until, into sight
Red brick boxes topped
with yellow stained fingers
to entrap TV programs

Oblongs of all colors
moving steady speeds
the squeak of the final
and sudden
audible conversations.

Ezra Ben-Meir, History:   #295, Nov. 1987, edited Oct. 1999
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