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I conjoined many of these aphorisms while publishing the "The Monthly Poet's Voice", a poetry sheet issued monthly under the auspices of  "VoicesIsrael, Group of Poets in English"
Others, sudden inspiration during conversations..... 

"Let there be light!" The great amount of darkness left behind seems too much for "Homo sapiens" to handle successfully.
You can only take into the future your experiences from the past.
He who walks in fear of dying                Leads a life diminished
He who walks in fear of life                    Dies a thousand times a day
The World owes you nothing! Give to the world a free smile, your reward will be ten-fold.
"There is a time for war, and time for peace." I cannot foresee the time for peace in our world, for not logic, but opposing beliefs are at work. My heart bids me pray that "not war" will prevail for us. My mind tells me otherwise. 
no title is Good:      Bullets fly cheap        Carcasses in a heap
                              Prayer and songs       Lost in the calls 
                                                Of too many gods.
Paradox:    Philosophy- an attempt in words to encompass the whole of existence.
                 If so, then the whole of poetry must encompass the whole of philosophy.
The New Year for Festivals, reflections on our own deeds during the past year, culminates in prayers asking for Godís forgiveness. My prayer is -
"write me as one who loves his fellow men." (Leigh Hunt, ĎAbou Ben Adhem.)
The World of Law defends the accused. Too often it is at the expense of the victim. But why, why should it be at the expense of future victims also? 
The problem isn't our past. It's making our past problems our future.
* Author: Ezra Ben-Meir, Contact me for comments or printing at,  
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