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On Criticism

on the nature of criticism: Amazingly, the good of a cucumber is not in the body, but in the thin outer skin, so often discarded by the eater. The vitamins and minerals lie within this dark green and wrinkled cover, so different from the lucid pale innards.So we may feel criticism. When aimed at us, we feel stung, the arrow sinks and pierces, wounds. Yet look closely, disregard the personal arrow and hurt, and we may use criticism both from others and from within ourselves, for benefit. If we are able to retain objectivity, and let the hurt be diffused within us, until it becomes pale, but retain the good, we will have a tool to help us improve our poetry; writing; behavior; attitude. 
The list goes on for ever.
Do you criticize positively, or negatively? How tell the difference?
Positively, by explaining which words or phrases interfere, or interrupt. Relating to the text, and not to the person. 
Negatively, by using adjectives such as 'bad' or 'sick'. Relating to other attributes of the author, such as stature, habits, forgetfulness, looks, which have nothing, but nothing, to do with the written text.
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