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The play of water in the air

The cold nights and condensing drops of dew

Moist the ground outside.

Inside, the furnace sleeve stands erect

The bottom ram

Supports the stacked blocks of carbon

And its work load of ceramic plates above.

The induction coil throws its energy

Into the Silicon Nitride discs

Cooled at either end by running water.

Like Gideonís fleece

Water dews between the cooled ram

And air

Vaporizes and steams into the tower above

Intermingles with the partially formed plates

And as the temperature and pressure rise

Expanding steam cracks the discs

And lines of failure form.

Ezra Ben-Meir

History: #304 Apr. 1988; revised Aug. 1999

* - Gideonís Fleece, Judges, 6-8. The poem deals with the failures occurring during the furnace treatment of Engineering Ceramics, processed at temperatures of 1700DegreesC or higher- one of the past industrial experiences of the author/webmaster.

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