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Enmeshed ©

A shimmer in the dark, enticing to explore
Glistening scintilla of your spark, daring to soar
The sheen unshackled from your web, sparkles in the corner gloom
With a shadowed bleb, deep in the curtain's womb.

There is a breeze on the window ledge, a stone ripples on a moonlit pond
Ever closer to the edge, verging beyond
A universe unfurled, air split from a still life
Tendrils uncurled to the drums and strains of the fife.

Hum faster, thrum faster, allure phantoms to the brink
Pulse ever closer to disaster, chance the eye peering from a chink
Until a touch of a sprite, sticky, tacky threads of silk
The stumble and stop in mid-flight, amid cords spun from milk,
Bound and wound in a bundle, the wait for juices to digest
Swinging on the web's roundel, the now unprotesting guest.

Ezra Ben-Meir,

History:         #218.1, March 1998
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